KeepinRCOA logbookg a logbook is an integral part of assessment. It is required for Completion of Unit of Training Forms and for ARCPs.

It is mandatory that all trainees maintain a logbook.

There are a variety of logbooks available, but all trainees are advised to read the statement released by the Royal Collage of Anaesthetists (RCoA) before purchasing any logbooks.

Both the RCoA and Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM) offer free versions of their respective logbooks. For ARCPs a logbook must be presented in a format or style similar to that produced by the RCoA Logbook.

Links to Free Logbooks:

RCoA Anaesthetic Logbook
FICM Logbooks

Note of Caution if you choose a 3rd party logbook:

iGaslog was the most popular logbook on the iPhone. When Apple upgraded their iOS to iOS 8 the app was no longer supported and the company decided to abandon the app. Trainees that upgraded their iOS found the app was Frozen and the data was lost.

ARCP logbook Format

For signing off Completion of Unit of Training Certificates and at ARCP you are required to present the 5 page RCoA logbook Summary. Ideally this is collated into 1 file, saved as a PDF, uploaded to the e-portfolio and attached to the ARCP record.

Do not present the Raw data as this will result in an adverse outcome at ARCP.

Logbook summaries will be required for the current year of training (since your last ARCP), and a cumulative logbook for the entire CT or ST training.