ST3 posts starting Feb 2021

There are rumours that there will be only 0-3 ST3 posts across the whole of the West Midlands commencing in Feb 2021. Some people are making career decisions for the coming year based on this information.

HEE can only indicate numbers based on the current information that they have. Stoke School haven’t yet declared their ST3 numbers. The number of posts offered is based on a number of factors that influence vacancies. Examples such as CCTs, resignations, IDTs and OOPs. Stoke will make a provisional declaration at the end of August, which will be updated at the end of September.

This will be the same for the other 2 schools in the West Midlands.

Bottom line is, if you are ready to apply for an ST3 post then make an application. There will be a number of posts declared in the Stoke School that will be available by the time of the interview process.