Acute Medicine Summer Series

Acute Medical Problems in Pregnancy: Summer Series

Monday 27th July 2020  7.30pm Book here

Obstetric Medicine cases: live and interactive, Dr Charlotte Frise and Dr Felicity Coad

Wed 12th August 8pm book here             

Shortness of breath, Prof Catherine Nelson-Piercy

Practicalities of pregnant women on the medical take, Dr Fran Neuberger

Wed 19th August 8pm book here

Palpitations in pregnancy, Dr Paarul Prinja

Headache in pregnancy, Dr Pooja Dassan

Wed 26th August 8pm book here

Emergencies in women with diabetes, Dr Anita Banerjee

Other acute metabolic disturbances, Dr Charlotte Frise

Wed 2nd September 8pm book here

Hypertension in pregnancy, Dr Lucy Mackillop

Acute kidney injury, Dr Kate Wiles

September – MOMS event, details to be confirmed

15th October 2020 – save the date!  Obstetric Medicine: a global perspective (to be confirmed)

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