Final FRCA CRQ/SAQ Club – Season 5

Please find the details of our Final FRCA CRQ / SAQ Club – Season 5, below.

 The format of the Club will be as follows:

 1. It will be online on either TEAMS or google meet.

 2. Each of the trainees who agree to participate will get three or four topics /articles from me . They will be required to prepare CRQ questions and their answers in a PowerPoint format .

 3. The articles will be sent at least two days in advance. On the day of meeting each trainee will present his / her four CRQ’s, with each CRQ taking max of 10 mins. At the end of the meeting depending on the total no of trainees, we would have discussed at least 16 to 20 topics/article.

 4 . I will select the articles (module wise) so that after each meeting you would have at least completed that module and can entirely depend upon the meeting for the revision of that module.

 5. I propose to complete at least 8 major modules between now and mid-Sept.

 6. After each meeting I will share all the slides from the meeting as well as the module wise slides of my previous SAQ Club . All the slides from our previous SAQ club are mapped to the curriculum and can be a very useful resource as they are all well-referenced.

A minimum of four trainees is required to run this club efficiently.  If you think that this is for you then please email me : or send me a message on : 07730159661

This CRQ club is only for the trainees who are planning to take the mid-Sept exam. There will be another one for the March exam.

Best Regards


Dr. Amit Bhagwat


Consultant Anaesthetist 

Royal Stoke University Hospital