Last Call for Nominations: Trainer of the Year & Trainee Excellence Award 2024

Nominations are now open for the ‘Trainer of the Year Award’ and the ‘Trainee Excellence Award’ for the 2024 Trainee Prize Evening on Monday 8th April. Please use the link below to submit your nominations.

Trainer of the Year: Every year the school’s anaesthetic trainees nominate a Consultant who they feel should be recognised for their contribution. This can be for any reason including educational support, clinical teaching, pastoral care and wellbeing support, etc.

Trainee Excellence Award: Similar to the ‘Trainer of the Year’, trainees can nominate any of their peers that they feel ought to be recognised for their contribution and support provided to them or to other trainees.  (This is different and in addition to the Trainee of the Year Award which is nominated and selected by the Consultant body)

The winner(s) are selected by the Trainee Reps based on the information provided so please describe your reasons for nomination.

If you’d like to nominate more than one person, please feel free to fill out more than one form.

The nominations are open to all stages of training.

Click below to submit your nominations:

The survey will close at the end of March.

Thanks very much,

Lali, Helen, Dave, Stephen and Gareth

Your Trainee Reps