ACCS CT2 Anaes/ EM/ AM ARCP Requirements

General Guidance for Trainees and Trainers


Please Note ACCS Anaesthesia CT3 Trainees should have completed their ACCS requirements at the end of CT2. At CT3 they should use the checklist and ARCP Criteria used for Anaesthesia Core Trainees.

Below is a clear description of the ACCS and Anaesthetic related evidence required for your ARCP which will be conducted by your Core Anaesthetic TPD if you are ACCS Anaesthetic stream and by your ACCS TPD if you are ACCS EM/AM stream.

Be aware that as an Anaesthetic ACCS CT2 trainee you will be required to complete more than just the bare minimum of ACCS CT2 ARCP requirements otherwise your second year of anaesthesia might be a bit overwhelming. Discuss this with your Educational Supervisor and refer to your Anaesthesia Workbook for the required Work Place Based Assessments.

Your ARCP will be conducted entirely from the evidence presented on your Royal College Lifelong Learning Platform for anaesthetic stream trainees and on your NHS e-Portfolio if you are AM/EM stream.

The evidence will be assessed in a structured manner according to the checklists below.

All the information below must be attached your ESSR. Failure to do so will lead to you having an unfavourable ARCP Outcome.

1. ARCP Checklist

The ACCS CT2 Checklist needs to be signed by the ES, scanned and uploaded to the ESSR.

2. Curriculum Coverage Checklist

When you as a new ACCS CT2 trainee join in August, you should have available a partially completed and signed checklist that states your ACCS Curriculum Coverage (See link below) as it was presented at your ACCS CT1 ARCP. It should show what you have signed off so far and what you still need to get signed off for the end of your CT2 year.  This list should be fully completed and signed to present at the end of the year at your ACCS CT2 ARCP.  If this is not completed you will not obtain an Outcome 1. The form itself should be scanned and uploaded to your e-Portfolio as evidence in the Library.

You will need to complete this ACCS Curriculum Coverage list (See link below) by showing the relevant evidence to their ES to enable them to sign the checklist to confirm they have seen the evidence.

3. Common Competencies List

The Common Competencies List (see link below) is a guide for trainers and trainees to ensure trainees have achieved 50% of these competencies by end of CT2.  This must be scanned and uploaded to the e-portfolio for your CT2 ARCP and trainees/trainers should make sure that completed e-portfolio assessments would cover the domains listed in this Common Competency Document.

Quote from ACCS Curriculum pages 26-73:

These are competencies that should be acquired by all doctors during their training period starting within the undergraduate career and developed throughout postgraduate training. For ACCS trainees, competence to at least level 2 descriptors will be expected prior to progression into further specialty training.

Many of these competencies are an integral part of clinical practice and as such will be assessed concurrently with the clinical presentations and procedures assessments. Trainees should use these assessments to provide evidence that they have achieved the appropriate level. Descriptors of the required performance at each level can be found in the curriculum.

At least 50% of the common competencies must be signed off at level 2 or above by the end of the CT2 ACCS year. For a few common competencies alternative evidence should be used e.g. assessments of audit and teaching, completion of courses, management portfolio, which can be used to record management and leadership competencies.

Your Educational Supervisor should refer to the ARCP checklist when establishing your learning outcomes, PDP and when reviewing your ESSR.

ACCS CT2 Anaesthesia requirements

  • Completion of sufficient Units of Training
    • CT2
      • 8 Units of IAC
        • Please note you need an additional CBD for Postoperative N&V in the Post-operative & Recovery Room Care UoT
      • ICM
        • There is quite a bit of additional WPBAs to do here
        • Assign all the required WPBAs to your ICM Unit of Training on the e-Portfolio – See Checklist
        • Make sure your ICM Unit of Training (UoT) Lead check you have completed all of the additional WPBAs prior to signing your UoT off. Failure to do so will result in the CUT form not being valid
        • Upload signed FICM paperwork to library
      • Assorted Others Mandated by ACCS for CT2 year:
        • The DOPS in the Pain Medicine Unit of Training
        • Sedation
        • Transfer
      • However do not aim to do the above as minimum. Get as much done as you possibly can beyond the mandatory requirements
  • Learning Agreement
  • PDP’s
  • Interim Progress Report – at least 3, covering the educational reviews at 3, 6 and 9 months
  • MSF Summary


  • Primary FRCA Exam Evidence – CT3
  • IAC Certificate
  • IAOC Certificate – CT3
  • RCoA Logbook Summary(s) – Year being assessed and cumulative Core Training Logbook
  • Library Evidence
    • Courses
      • ALS
      • APLS (Not mandatory but preferred if ALS achieved more than 1 year ago)
      • Transfer Training
      • Airway Course
      • Primary Level FRCA Teaching Course (Minimum 70% attendance)
    • Child Protection Level 2
    • Equality and Diversity Training
    • Surveys
      • JEST
      • GMC
  • Quality Improvement Activity – e.g. Audit
  • Teaching
  • Comments
    • Educational Supervisor
    • College Tutor
  • Evidence of reflective practice

ACCS CT2 ARCP Checklist

ACCS Curriculum Coverage Checklist

List of Common Competencies

Curriculum – Core Level Training  (Annex B) V1.7