ARCP Outcomes

Outcome 1: Satisfactory Progress – Achieving progress and the development of competencies at the expected rate

Outcome 2: Development of specific competencies required – Additional training time not required

Outcome 3: Inadequate progress – Additional training time Required

Outcome 4: Released from training program with or without specified competencies

Outcome 5: Incomplete evidence presented – Additional training time may be required

Outcome 6: Gained all required competencies – Will be recommended as having completed the training program and for award of CCT or CESR(CP). Core Trainees will be recommended for award of Core Level Training Certificate


Your outcome should be automatically uploaded to the LLP. If this process is not working properly as a back-up You will receive your Outcome Form directly from the Deanery – it is then your responsibility to upload this form into the ‘personal evidence’ in the library section of the LLP.

For the final ARCP, the ‘Outcome 6’ and the ‘Notification of Completion of Training’ forms need to be emailed directly to the Training Department at the Royal College of Anaesthetists  because receiving those documents prompts them to begin the process of recommending a trainee to the GMC. It is preferable if they are both sent together as it just makes it sightlier easier for the College but it’s not mandatory.

As part of that process the College need to check the LLP to ensure all other ARCPs have been uploaded to the ‘personal evidence’ in the library section so trainees need to do this rather than the Deanery. The College have asked that you label them appropriately (e.g. ARCP ST5 or ARCP 2013-14) then this will help to find them easier.

Extensions to Training Time