Core & ACCS CT3 ARCP Requirements

Modular Progress/Requirements
  • Core CT 1 (Anaes):  Introduction to Anaesthesia (8 Units), IAC, ICM.  In addition sufficient ‘other’ modules to satisfy the ARCP panel that all remaining units will be completed the following year.
  • Core CT 2 (Anaes): All outstanding modules, IACOA
  • CT 3 (ACCS): All outstanding modules, IACOA.  In addition fully completed ACCS Common Competencies checklist, ACCS Major presentations and ACCS practical procedures.  These checklists MUST be uploaded to you Lifelong Learning Platform if you have completed them on paper.

You will be required to submit your Educational Supervisors Structured Report (ESSR) and supporting evidence on the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLP) 2 weeks prior to your ARCP date. 
This date will be communicated to you via email.  The panel members will review your evidence and issue a preliminary outcome based on the information provided.
You will be informed of your preliminary outcome one week prior to your ARCP date.  Your preliminary outcome will determine one of 2 scenarios:
  1. If you receive a preliminary outcome 1, you will not be required to attend the ARCP in person. We will however extend to you an invitation of voluntary attendance, should you wish to meet the panel to receive (or give) feedback or career guidance.
  2. If you receive any other preliminary outcome you will be required to attend the ARCP in person, to discuss your unfavorable outcome with the panel. Those with a preliminary outcome 6 will be required to attend as they will be leaving training.

It is therefore paramount that all trainees ensure they have booked appropriate leave for their ARCP date, well in advance of local trust guidelines. Should you not be required to attend you can cancel your leave one week prior to your ARCP. This will give Department’s enough time to re-allocate you for the session.


The RCoA National ARCP Checklist, is available to view on their website. Links to the Trainee Checklist and the Educational Supervisor Checklist are provided below.

The evidence submitted for review at your ARCP will be assessed against the National Checklist standard in order to gain a successful outcome. Please ensure you are familiar with this now, and prepare your portfolio for your ARCP according to the checklist.

No Allowance for information missing from the ARCP Checklist can be made, and Preliminary Outcomes will be issued based on the evidence submitted on the ESSR submission date.

ESSR – Educational Supervisor Meeting

When you meet with your Educational Supervisor to review your ESSR, the Checklists should be used to ensure that all the Required evidence has been uploaded to the LLP for submission to the ARCP panel review. Appropriate comments for each section should be made by the ES.

RCoA National ARCP Checklist – Trainee guide

RCoA National ARCP Checklist –  ES guide

Core Level  ARCP Review Form

Curriculum – Core Level Training  (Annex B) V1.7

2021 Curriculum ARCP Checklist