General Information

ARCP Judge

Your ARCP is your Annual Review of Competency Progression.
In the Stoke School we run ARCP’s throughout the year.
The ARCP’s are run according to the rules set out in the Gold Guide.

ARCP Dates 2023:

14 March 2023 – Higher

13 June 2023 – Stage 1

20 June 2023 – Stage 1

11 July 2023 – Higher

19 September 2023 – Higher

21 November 2023 – Higher

Currently via MS Teams unless advised otherwise


ARCP Timings

You are required to have an ARCP every calendar year

Stage 1 Training (June)

  • 1st – late June
  • 2nd –  early June. Aim to issue a CLTC

Higher Training

  • 1st – just after progression into ST4
  • 2nd – just before the end of ST4. Aim to issue an ILTC
  • 3rd – just after progression into ST6
  • 4th – just before the end of ST6
  • 5th – EXIT ARCP within 4 months of your CCT date

If your training moves out of sync with the schedule then one of the other ARCP dates will be utilised.

Invitation to Attend ARCP

The ARCP’s are organized with HEE-WM and information relating to the Date, time and Venue of your ARCP will be sent out via email by the assessments team.

Mandatory attendance at ARCP will only be required if portfolios show anything other than an Outcome 1.  You will be notified of your ARCP date in advance and must ensure that you are available to attend if required.   Portfolios must be ready at least 2 weeks prior to the ARCP date in order to allow the ARCP panel to identify your preliminary outcome and to advise whether or not you are required to attend. One week prior to the ARCP date you will be informed of your preliminary outcome and If you are required to attend, you will be notified of your timeslot.  It is important therefore that you schedule in your ESSR meeting with your Educational Supervisor and your MSF to fit in with this timescale.

Outcome 1 trainees who still wish to attend and meet the TPD will be welcome to do so during the appropriate part of the ARCP Session but must indicate their intention to do so.


Dress Code

Your ARCP reviews all aspects of your training including professionalism, attitudes and behaviour. Your attire should be professional, projecting your aim to become a Consultant. Exceptions would include those trainees at work on the Royal Stoke Site where it may not be timely to change out of theatre clothing.


The panel will comprise of:

Chairperson – Usually one of the TPD’s
Deanery representative
Regional Advisor
Consultants with ARCP training – usually College Tutors or Educational Supervisors
RCoA External Advisor – sometimes
Lay Member – sometimes


The ARCP panel will review all of the evidence of your training, since your last ARCP, via the LLP. The requirements are different depending on your stage of training.

Your LLP needs to be up-to-date, at least two weeks prior to allow the ARCP panel to identify your preliminary outcome. More time may be needed to review your LLP if your ARCP is in September.
Your ES should refer to the relevant ARCP checklist when reviewing your ESSR.


Important Notice regarding ARCP Logbook Format

At ARCP you are required to present the 5 page RCoA logbook Summary. Ideally this is collated into 1 file, saved as a PDF, uploaded to the LLP and attached to the ARCP record.

Do not present the Raw data as this will result in an adverse outcome at ARCP.

Logbook summaries will be required for the current year of training (since your last ARCP), and a cumulative logbook for the entire CT or ST training.

LTFT ARCP Schedule

LTFT trainees must be reviewed by an ARCP panel at least once every calendar year, according to the Gold Guide. This means:

You will be invited to your ARCPs part way through a training year
You will be assessed according to the proportion of training you have completed
At three points, your ARCP will coincide with the end of each stage of training

  • CLTC (end of CT2)
  • ILTC (end of ST4)
  • EXIT CCT (end of ST7)

You will need to complete an ESSR for your ARCP the same as Full Time trainees