ST3 posts starting Feb 2021

There are rumours that there will be only 0-3 ST3 posts across the whole of the West Midlands commencing in Feb 2021. Some people are making career decisions for the coming year based on this information.

HEE can only indicate numbers based on the current information that they have. Stoke School haven’t yet declared their ST3 numbers. The number of posts offered is based on a number of factors that influence vacancies. Examples such as CCTs, resignations, IDTs and OOPs. Stoke will make a provisional declaration at the end of August, which will be updated at the end of September.

This will be the same for the other 2 schools in the West Midlands.

Bottom line is, if you are ready to apply for an ST3 post then make an application. There will be a number of posts declared in the Stoke School that will be available by the time of the interview process.

Period of Grace Updates

The rules governing the ‘Period of Grace’ at the end of training have been modified slightly. Along with the recent changes that moved it from automatic to optional, the timescales for applications have changed to 6 months before the end of training.

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LTFT Update

Couple of LTFT updates:

The RCoA and AAGBI have released an LTFT guide for TPDs which is a useful resource for trainers and trainees alike.

Murray du Plessis from the Birmingham School has developed an amazing LTFT calculator tool to help work out training dates for LTFT trainees

Both of these are available on the LTFT section of the Stoke School Website

Advanced Cardio-Thoracics

It is my pleasure to announce that Advanced modules in Cardio-Thoracic anaesthesia will now be available within the Stoke School at New Cross Heart & Lung Centre.

NX Heart & Lung centre has sought approval for Advanced training for both Stoke trainees and also a number of B’ham School trainees. Both the QE and NX can provide the Advanced Curriculum for Cardiac however combined placements complement each other very well. Aspects of experience that can only be gained in NX include Thoracics and large exposure to Valve work and of course Robotics. QE on the other hand will provide experience in Transplant and ECMO that cannot be gained in NX

The educational leads in the 2 departments have been in discussions, as have the 2 Training Programme Directors to make this possible. There may be some logistical challenges, but we have 3 trainees already planned for a new combined centre Advanced module. The first one will be a Stoke School trainee followed by 2 Birmingham School trainees.

General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 23rd.

The GDPR act, governs the data we collect about you. We collect the following user information for all registered users:

  • email address
  • IP address
  • Name (occasionally the real one)

We do not pass this information on to any 3rd parties.
On the pages with access restricted to registered users, the rotations are available to be viewed by other registered users. These include full names and GMC numbers of the trainees.
If you are uncomfortable with us holding this data about you and would like to be forgotten, then contact us and we will remove your data from the website.

For details of HEE privacy notice regarding the data held by HEE for all the trainees, please follow the link:

LTFT Changes to Forms

Due to the LTFT process being rather cumbersome at present and in line with the improving junior doctors working lives initiative we are making changes to the LTFT application process with immediate effect to make it as simple as possible for trainees to train less than full time.  Previously trainees have been asked to complete an eligibility form (Stage 1) to train less than full time followed by a form which needed to be completed every time you rotated to a new post.  From 1st April the process has changed so the stage 2 process will be removed.  Therefore all trainees will need to have completed an eligibility form for LTFT training, once this is approved and they have an agreed LTFT percentage to train all future training posts will show this percentage.  If they wish to change their percentage they need to complete an amendment to LTFT percentage form at least 16 weeks in advance of their next placement but this is the only time they will need to complete an additional form.


We will be producing new paperwork and guidance that will be uploaded to the LTFT section of the deanery website over the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime please note that any outstanding or future stage 2 forms do not need to be completed unless a trainee intends to change the percentage they are training at in the future.


Communications has been sent to all trainees that are currently in a post that is less than 1.0 wte.  We will also send out communications to all trainees in full time posts to ensure that they are aware of the process should they wish to apply in the near future.


Dr Helen Goodyear

Associate Postgraduate Dean for LTFT training, careers and professional support

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