Overview of Documentation Required for Educational Meetings

On starting in a new hospital every trainee will have an initial meeting with their Educational Supervisor.

Following this initial meeting, 3 monthly meetings are scheduled to review progress and development plans that have been agreed. Below is a description of some of the required documentation to be used at Educational Meetings.


 Initial Meeting: Learning Agreement & PDPs

Create a learning agreement on the e-portfolio (need to be logged in as trainee). This is their educational contract. Sign this off immediately.

Create PDPs for individual tasks you would like them to do in the next 3 months. Sign these off only when actually completed. Refer to their ARCP requirements to decide what the appropriate PDPs are.

See Creating a Learning Agreement or PDP for further information.

3 monthly Educational Reviews

Use the Interim Progress Report (IPR) on the e-portfolio to record the meeting

Areas for discussion
Logbook Assessment
Specific areas requiring more experience
Learning Outcomes and WPBA progression
Exam Progress
Other achievements (audit, teaching, courses, etc.)
Objectives to achieve by next meeting

Sign of any PDP’s that have been completed

Create any new PDP’s for the next 3 months. Refer to their ARCP requirements to decide what the appropriate PDPs are.


No requirement for an additional appraisal. The 3 month educational reviews using the IPR and the ARCP satisfies the GMC requirement for annual appraisal


The trainee must complete the Health Declaration and Probity Declaration on the e-portfolio

Complete an ESSR on the e-portfolio if the ARCP is to sign off the completion of a year of training. (most cases)

Complete an IPR if the visit to the ARCP panel is only an interim review.

Refer to the ARCP section of the website for more detail about the ARCPs


LTFT trainees must be reviewed by an ARCP panel at least once every calendar year, according to the Gold Guide. This means:

They will be invited to their ARCPs part way through a training year
They will be assessed according to the proportion of training they have completed
At 3 points their ARCP will coincide with the end of each stage of training

  • CLTC (end of CT2)
  • ILTC (end of ST4)
  • EXIT CCT (end of ST7)

They will need to complete an ESSR for their ARCP

End of Placement Transfer

If the trainee is moving placement immediately following an ARCP, then the ESSR or IPR already created will suffice as a summary for the next College Tutor/Educational Supervisor.

If they are moving placement without a recent ARCP could you complete an IPR just before they leave so the next College Tutor/Educational Supervisor can familiarise themselves with the trainee.