LifeLong Learning platform

Registering and maintaining an e-Portfolio forms the basis of assessment of a trainees career progression and academic development.

Anaesthetic trainees are required to register and use the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) Life Long Learning Platform. Guidance on its use is a available on the RCoA Website by clicking here and familiarisation with this information is very important prior to using the Lifelong Learning Platform.

Acute Medicine and Emergency Medicine ACCS Trainees do not have to register with the RCoA e-Porfolio system but can continue to use their parent speciality e-Portfolios.

Please note: From September 2018 all existing RCoA e-Portfolios are required to be transferred to the new LLP system. After September 2018 the old e-Portfolio will not be accepted for your ARCP.

Information regarding the changeover can be found here:

HEE Lifelong Learning Platform Changeover Guidance

Update to changeover and local contacts