National Recruitment

RecritmentThe Anaesthetics National Recruitment Office at Health Education England – West Midlands is the responsible organisation for coordinating CT1 and ST3 recruitment to Anaesthetics specialty training posts (including ACCS Anaesthetics) within the NHS. This responsibility is carried out on behalf of the Royal College of Anaesthetists throughout Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Recruitment to anaesthetics Core Training Programmes is conducted yearly for August commencement. Currently entry into Anaesthetics training can be directly into Core Anaesthesia or via ACCS. By August 2017 or 2018 entry will only be via the ACCS route.

Recruitment to anaesthetics Speciality Training Programmes is conducted twice-yearly for August and February commencement.

Anaesthetic National Recruitment Website

To help you taylor your CV towards a sucessful application it is helpful to know what is considered important.

CT1 Portfolio Self Assessment Criteria 2016
ST3 Portfolio Self Assessment Criteria 2016