Completing an ESSR (Educational Supervisor Structured Report)

The ESSR should be created by the trainee prior to their ARCP. Please note the ESSR should be linked to the ARCP in question by the trainee on creating it.

The ESSR forms the base for evaluation of the trainee at their ARCP and is therefore of great importance as is its correct completion. Population of all the required domains in the ESSR is the trainee’s responsibility but will require guidance and prompting by the College Tutor and Educational Supervisor.

It is important to know that the ARCP record will close at midnight one week prior to the ARCP, after which no further data can be added or uploaded. This date will be clearly visible on the record.

A timely completion of the ESSR is therefore encouraged. Failure to present an ESSR in a timely manner for an ARCP will automatically result in an unfavourable ARCP outcome.

As Educational Supervisor, you should refer to the ARCP checklist when reviewing the ESSR.

Encourage the trainee to upload all the information on the checklist before signing off the ESSR

General guidance to consider when completing/reviewing the ESSR:

Units of Training:

Those completed should be signed off
Ensure ALL elements required on CUT form are completed
Has agreed UoTs been completed and if not why?

Multi-Source Feedback:

Reviewed and results fed back to trainee addressing any issues. Discussion to be documented in ES comments box


Pertaining to current placement and cumulative for stage of training.

Mandatory Training

Completed including: Child Protection, Equality & Diversity training

Completion of GMC Survey and JEST survey

Quality Improvement Project:

At least one a year. If it is an Audit then it should have been presented at a Local, Regional or National meeting. Also to include a personal reflection on the audit and its outcomes

Exam status including past attempts and outcomes


Activity undertaken during the last year with evidence of reflective practice to support the attended events