Creating a Learning Agreement or PDP

learning agreement

On first meeting with the trainee, their Learning Agreement & Personal Development Plans (PDPs) should be completed. For advice on how to create these on the e-portfolio please see the guidance on the RCoA e-portfolio website under the Guidance Notes for Planning: PDPs and Learning Agreements.

Learning Agreement

This is their Educational Contract. To create this you need to be logged on as the trainee. Create a PDP and tick the learning agreement box.

The title of the PDP should be Learning Agreement

In the Objective box you should document their agreement to take part in the educational activities appropriate to their stage of training. This can range from a very simple statement to full documentation of their educational plan for the placement. The choice is yours for example:

I agree to complete and keep up to date the appropriate training documents relevant to my PDPs including a log book and portfolio and that the result of any assessment of this attachment can be passed on to my next training supervisor.

Once created, log in as the Educational Supervisor and immediately

  • Sign objective as complete
  • Sign Learning Agreement PDP as complete


PDPs created should reflect the stage of training that the trainee is at. Refer to the ARCP requirements for each stage of training to decide on appropriate PDP for either the first 3 month period or for the whole placement.

It is better to create multiple ‘bite size’ PDPs rather than 1 all encompassing PDP. This will feed the trainees personal reward mechanism as each bite size chunk is completed and signed off.

At your 3 monthly ES meetings, PDPs should be reviewed and signed off if complete. Then new PDPs should be created for the next 3 months.