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The Stoke-on-Trent School of Anaesthesia was established in 1996.  The Administration of the School is run through the Academic Office, located at University Hospitals North Midlands.  It is overseen by two Training Programme Directors.  The Stoke School is one of three schools of Anaesthesia in the West Midlands (the others being Warwickshire and Birmingham Schools of Anaesthesia).  It  comprises six hospitals in the region.  We are also closely affiliated with Robert Jones & Agnes Hunt Hospital in Oswestry and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  Each hospital within the School has a College Tutor (and in some cases two or three) who organise anaesthesia training for its post graduate doctors in training (approx.130 across the School).  Each hospital has a number of Education Supervisors, who plan training and assess the progress of the doctors on a regular basis. Day-to-day training is delivered by the Consultant body of Clinical Supervisors.  Training is delivered in a modular format according to the Royal College of Anaesthetists’ curriculum.  The workbooks will guide you with regards to the assessments required for each stage of training.

You will be assessed annually by an ARCP panel to review your progress.

Regional Advisor & Training Programme Directors:

Regional Advisor: Dr Shashank Agarwal –

CT Programme Director:  Dr Lloyd Craker –

ST Programme Director:  Dr Sreekanth Uppugonduri –

School of Anaesthesia Administration Office:

School Administrator:  Ann Moore – 01782 676255

School Secretary:  Amy Minchin – 01782 676254

School email address:

PGDiT Representatives (as at October 2023)

Toria Millington         Digital Rep (Fellowship)

David Williams           ST Rep                           

Gareth Byrne             CT Rep                          

Helen Daley                LTFT Rep                       

Stephen Norris           LTFT Rep                       

Generic Email Address:

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