Study Leave and SPA

The process of allocating money for study leave has been reformed. This will have implications to all anaesthetists in training. A final decision of exactly how this will work is still in progress and updates to the process will be posted here.

In the interim our Head of School, Dr. Edmends, have given some initial guidance while the process is still in a state of flux. See below links:

Aspirational Study Leave Application 

Please note approval is required for any Out of Region Courses by the Regional Study Leave TPD Dr. Paul Jones (or Dr. S. Edmends if he is unavailable).

Please click here for their contact details.

HEE Study Leave Information

SPA Time for Senior Trainees

Post Fellowship Trainees are able to utilise upto 6 days of their Study Leave per annum for Supporting Proffessional Activities (SPA). Please view the document below for all the details.