Study Leave and SPA

Following agreement at a recent meeting of the national Study Leave Working Group, an updated version of the document ‘Study Leave: An overview of the HEE-wide approach’ is now live and available to access via the Study Leave section of the national website:

Please see a specific link to the document.

There will be now be an update to our study leave guidance to align with this document.

New rules, where they differ from current guidance will apply to all forms submitted from the date of publication – i.e. 31st March 2023 onwards and not retrospectively. This includes the new ruling on International Study Leave funding which was discussed at the last PMDE Board meeting. Please also note, we are now using the term ‘discretionary’ and not ‘aspirational’ study leave.

Please note, for any Out of Region Courses, approval is required from the Regional Study Leave TPD Dr Elin Jones – (or Head of School Dr Catherine Brennan , if Dr Jones is unavailable).

SPA Time for Senior Trainees

Post Fellowship Trainees are able to utilise up to 6 days of their Study Leave per annum for Supporting Professional Activities (SPA). Please view the document below for all the details.