Consultants’ Book on Chronic Pain Management Receives Critical Acclaim

Dr Pradeep Ingle, Consultant in Chronic Pain and Anaesthesia, has co-authored a critically acclaimed book: ‘Chronic Pain Management’. The book was written alongside other clinical experts and was released last month in a charity event organised by ‘RISE’ foundation, which helps children in the UK who suffer from chronic pain.

Chronic or persistent pain is defined as pain which carries on despite medication or treatment. Most people recover following an injury or operation, but sometimes pain can carry on for longer or come on without any history of an injury or operation. Chronic pain can also affect people living with diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel and back pain.

Dr Pradeep Ingle said: “This book will help medical professionals gain a sound understanding of chronic pain and advises on the diagnosis and management of various pain conditions they are likely to encounter in their practice. The book also discusses pain management in special populations and challenging situations and it covers other important topics in pain medicine, including issues relevant to primary care, pain medication, pain interventions and pain management in difficult times such as the Covid-19 pandemic.

“I’m really pleased that the book has been so well received. Reviews mention that it contains a good range of topics which are succinct and easy to understand and which have concise evidence-based practice recommendations. All the main authors of this book are involved in conducting various educational courses related to pain and anaesthesia in the UK, so I’m hopeful that it will be a very useful tool for anaesthesia trainees and that the simple and consistent style will make it an easy read.”

UHNM consultants Dr Harry Murally, Dr Rajini Sundararajan, Dr Ashok Puttappa and Dr Vanja Srbljak also contributed to the book, which covers topics relevant in day-to-day practice for various healthcare professionals such as Anaesthetists, ITU professionals, General Practitioners, Rheumatologists, Physicians, Surgeons, Junior Doctors involved in community and hospital pain management settings, Physiotherapists and Musculoskeletal Pain Practitioners, nursing staff and medical students.

Copies of the book can be ordered here.

Dr Pradeep Ingle