Advanced Cardio-Thoracics

It is my pleasure to announce that Advanced modules in Cardio-Thoracic anaesthesia will now be available within the Stoke School at New Cross Heart & Lung Centre.

NX Heart & Lung centre has sought approval for Advanced training for both Stoke trainees and also a number of B’ham School trainees. Both the QE and NX can provide the Advanced Curriculum for Cardiac however combined placements complement each other very well. Aspects of experience that can only be gained in NX include Thoracics and large exposure to Valve work and of course Robotics. QE on the other hand will provide experience in Transplant and ECMO that cannot be gained in NX

The educational leads in the 2 departments have been in discussions, as have the 2 Training Programme Directors to make this possible. There may be some logistical challenges, but we have 3 trainees already planned for a new combined centre Advanced module. The first one will be a Stoke School trainee followed by 2 Birmingham School trainees.