PME Update 08 April 2020

ARCPs – new guidance issued. Outcome 10 for competencies not gained due to COVID – can therefore progress, and catch up later. Colleges being asked to look at end of stages of training that require mandatory assessments, e.g. Exams, but is likely that these will still be required to progress.

Recruitment for ICM & anaesthesia is going ahead, without face-to-face. Therefore, will have new starters in August. We already recruited to ACCS, and CAT. All will need induction. (We are looking at centralising induction for novices to reduce some workload for trainers).

PSW– flyer attached. There is a lot going around, so please think about what you share.

Rotations – paused till August. IDTs approved to go ahead in August, but expecting less as recruitment takes priority.

Surveys – NETS and NTS suspended. Discussions taking place about alternatives for gathering data.

Nightingale at NEC – step-down unit, NO Ventilated patients. Staffed by junior doctors (e.g. surgeons/palliative care/Fy2s) from Birmingham Trusts, not UHNM, SATH or Wye Valley. Phase 1 opening on Friday 10th April. Has GMC approval for training.

Lots of good resources on

Deployment of trainees with health/caring issues. Mainly managed locally by Trusts, but if Trusts cannot find them suitable roles, can be deployed in other Trusts – contact HEE (attachment).

LTFT – previous letter sent. Further clarification.

HEE guidance on LTFT training and the current COVID-19 pandemic was recently circulated (see attached). Unfortunately some have misinterpreted in a number of ways. It is really important that TPDs, HoS, DMEs and others use the national guidance and not local interpretation.

To highlight some important facts:

  1. New LTFT applications are being processed
  2. Existing LTFT arrangements continue

3. LTFT trainees do not have to return to fulltime training as some Trusts may be implying. They can apply using the LTFT application form to do so or to increase their percentage but should not be pressurised to do so.  If LTFTT for health, it is unlikely that will be accepted.

4. There will be no new applications accepted for category 3 in Paediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynaecology at present.

5. If LTFT trainees want to do more than a few locums per month, please ask  them to contact Dr Helen Goodyear via email so that consistent advice can be given, and the options discussed at 


The Programmes team has been contacted by a number of LTFT trainees where the guidance has been misinterpreted which has caused trainees additional stress. Please do contact Dr Goodyear if there are uncertainties.