Stoke School Rotations Update

Dear Trainees

I trust you are all well and managing in these unprecedented times.

With regards to rotations I would like to reiterate that there will be no May rotations within the training programme. We are hopeful August rotations might go ahead but this is by no means a certainty yet and will be dictated by the current pandemic. Further information about August rotations will be made available as soon as it becomes available.

We might also face a few challenges with the upcoming June/July ARCPs. We are working on IT solutions for remote panels. From your perspective kindly collate all the information you have available for your ARCP as per the checklist. We will review all submitted information in lieu of the COVID crisis and ARCP Outcomes will be made in accordance. Please note that we will apply a great deal of leniency at ARCP given the disruption caused by the COVID 19 crisis.

On a personal note we want to say thank you for the great deal of professional behaviour and camaraderie demonstrated by all trainees on the programme during this pandemic. It is truly a pleasure to work with you all.

Kind regards

Dr. S. Agarwal & Dr. C. De Klerk