Additional Support For Educational Courses Using Aspirational Leave

Dear Trainees

We would like to thank you for your contribution in helping with the unprecedented conditions which you are all facing. We are aware many of you have not have been able to access the usual courses, and would like to offer this once-only opportunity to apply for funding to support an additional qualification or skill.

We are intending to provide funding for up to £1000 each for up to 20 Post fellowship trainees to pursue a course. Applications will be through the normal aspirational leave route; therefore, this will require the support of your educational supervisor and College tutor. The application will be a competitive process, which will be judged on your commitment and contribution to the training programme, and your intended aims/reasons for doing the course. You will also need to show good progression through the training programme. Please detail this on a page of A4, accompanied by the completed  aspirational leave form which should be forwarded to me or Paul Jones for review. It is hoped the process of allocation, and reimbursement will be completed before the end of March 2021.

Applications may also be considered for funding towards courses that are already in progress.

 Any queries to Drs. Edmends or Jones.

Closing date: 18th December 2020

Shireen Edmends

Head of school


Paul Jones

TPD Study leave